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DNM International offers their customers the opportunity to follow the world’s best course in the field of tank fire fighting: the Xtreme Industrial Fire & Hazard training, better known as FOAM SCHOOL. Every year, fire fighters from all over the world take this course that is taught by he Williams Fire & Hazard Control fire fighters.

Xtreme Spectacular and realistic

Foam School is the most spectacular and realistic training in the field of tank fire fighting and a must for every fire fighter working in the petrochemical industry, storage and handling, or who might have to deal with petrochemical fires. The training consists of theoretical and practical lessons and takes four days. The training is conducted by Williams’ experienced trainers, who have been involved in fighting de biggest industrial fires in the world, such as the fire in the Kuwait oil fields.

Large-scale incidents

The training is aimed at making fire fighters acquainted with techniques and strategies for fighting large-scale fires. Special attention will be paid to the use of equipment, techniques to provide large quantities of water and to effectively utilising foam and dry chemicals.

Personal contact

Personal contact between the instructor and the course member is of essential importance in this training. Thus, there is a maximum amount of participants, so that every student will get ample time and attention during the spectacular practice lessons. So, be in time with your application!

Exchange of knowledge

The Foam School is taken by participants from all over the world. Besides a way to enhance your knowledge and skills, it is also an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues from various countries.


Would you like some more information, please send an e-mail to sg@dnmfire.com or call us direct: +31 (0) 187 48 44 88.

To enlist you can download the application form.

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