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Emergency Response

Momentarily, DNM is setting up an Emergency Response Service for Europe, a unique emergency service in the field of industrial disaster control. Combatting such calamities requires special knowledge and equipment, which is often not on hand. In case of a calamity, DNM, in cooperation with some highly regarded parties, will arrange for specialist staff and additional material onsite, wherever in Europe.

DNM’s partner, Williams Fire & Hazard Control, has requested DNM to implement this service for Europe. Williams is a unique organisation in the area of industrial fire fighting. For over 30 years they have been the specialist in fighting industrial fires all over the world. Williams has over 200 operations written to their name.

DNM’s place of residence in Stellendam is going to be the centre from which the Emergency Response Service will be coordinated. In case of a calamity members can appeal to this Service 24/7. For DNM this means that they will deploy the right people and transport to get the equipment onsite. DNM understands better than anyone else that a good coordination is of essential importance. Special equipment shall be stored ready for action in Stellendam, so that it can be deployed fast and efficiently. The Emergency Response Service relates to a service range that is completely customized to the wishes and requirements of the customer.

We offer regular clients the possibility to make use of our emergency phone number. We can set up a special arrangement for this. We stand at the ready 24 hours a day to offer professional support in case of a calamity. This can be in the form of extinguishing material, people and advise on the spot. We analyse the calamity and think of a plan of attack. If necessary, we consult our specialist network. We also know exactly where to find the right people and equipment in order to solve a certain problem fast and effectively.

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