Tyco Fire Protection Products is a part of van Tyco International and market leader in the field of development, production and distribution of products for the benefit of fire fighting. The long tradition in fire fighting has led to a complete Tyco product range. These products have proved their reliability in the most extreme circumstances. They can be used for a big spectrum of fire protection appliances and meet all different national legal and regulatory requirements and industrial standards.

The Skum package contains a complete range of products for the benefit of foam extinguishing systems that are used inter alia in the oil- and petrochemical industry, logistics, marine and offshore. With over 75 years of experience in research and product development, Skum has built up a very solid reputation with the international fire department community in the field of technological expertise and quality.

Besides hardware, Tyco also supplies an extensive line of certified synthetic and protein foam concentrates by experiences producers such as Sabofoam and Ansul.

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